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Festival & Company Overview

Just For Laughs Toronto is the Ontario not-for-profit responsible for one of the most important English comedy festivals in North America, the Just for Laughs Toronto Festival, as well as a fan expo (ComedyCON) and other events. We occupy a unique place in the comedy world as one of the most important platforms for stand-up artists. Since 2012 and up to its last pre-pandemic edition in 2019, the annual festival has showcased comedy's biggest stars, been a career-launcher for local and national emerging comedians, and been an important driver of tourism and fiscal revenue for Ontario and the City of Toronto.  

The Just For Laughs Toronto mission rests on: reaching the widest audience possible; spurring discovery - by showcasing the next generation of local Toronto, Ontario and Canadian talent; supporting the comedy industry and comedy arts’ development in Toronto, across the province and beyond. We pursue our mission by being cutting edge and at the forefront of comedy – with stellar event management and unmatched programming laser focused on making Toronto THE comedy destination for a public wide and far.

The Future: 2022 and Beyond

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic and on its tenth anniversary, the Just For Laughs Toronto estival re-embarks on a path of strategic growth that involves significant expansion. 

For its tenth anniversary edition from September 22 to October 1, 2022 the Just For Laughs Toronto festival returns with a new three-pronged comedy event supported by our innovative pass system, and next-level branding, promotional and tourism strategies. 

Pillars of Our Mission

  • Reach the widest audience possible - with a diverse, always cutting-edge offering of must-see comedy
  • Spur discovery as a catalyst for comedic talent - by showcasing and supporting the next generation of local Toronto, Ontario and Canadian talent
  • Support the comedy industry and comedy arts’ development - in Toronto, across the province and beyond


Our organizational vision is to make Toronto THE comedy destination for a public wide and far. Our vision for the festival is to be at the forefront of comedy with North America's biggest, most important English-market comedy festival.

JFL Toronto Staff

Executive & Administration

Robyn Kaszor

VP of Festivals

Oz Weaver

Festival Producer

Thomas Quirk

Director of Operations

Marc Chartrand

Director of Box Office & Ticketing

Philippe Papineau

Producer ComedyCON

Chris MacGregor

Festival Coordinator

Chris Iannotti

Customer Service Coordinator


Zoe Rabnett

Director of Canadian & International Programming

Nick Brazao

Director of American Programming

Christine Walters

Creative Director ComedyCON

Paul Willers

Manager of Canadian & International Programming

Brandi Bertrand

Programming Manager


Lucy Segal

Director of Production

Bobby Beckett

Senior Production Manager


Noah Lemieux Bernier

Senior Director, Digital & Content Monetization

Laurent Madore

Director of Marketing

Louis Beaulieu

Director of Content & Digital Communication

Maranda Verdone Porco

Marketing Project Manager

Kyra Carleton

Social Media Specialist

Charlene Coy


Samuel Poisson

Web Developer

Khalil Michot

Design Concept

Olivier Lauzon

Web Developer

Scott Da Ros


Amélie Durand

Web Developer

Eric Lehouillier


Mickael Bourdon

Web Developer


Kathleen Barbeau

Manager of Public Partnerships*

Jean-Philippe Couture

Public Partnerships Senior Financial Analyst*

Isabelle Patenaude

Senior Writer*

Xavier Morand Bock

Public Partnership Project Officer*

Tristan Downe-Dewdney

City of Toronto Government Relations**

Sadaf Abbasi

Ontario Government Relations**

Amanda DeYoung

Ontario Government Relations**

Liam Daly

Federal Government Relations*

Nicolas Lesage

Senior Director, Sponsorships*

Andrew Reddick

Director Sales, Sponsorships*

Brian Lucy

Client Relations & Founder~

Ariel Stepp

Director of Creative Services & Founder~

Phil Bouffard

Managing Director+

Morgan Claringbold

Manager, Strategic Partnerships+

Marc Thususka

Business Development+

*L’Équipe Spectra ** Sussex Strategy Group ~ CompanyX Marketing + Paquin Partnerships

Just For Laughs Group Executive Team

Charles Decarie

CEO & President

Bruce Hills


Alain Boucher

Exec. VP & Chief Financial Officer

Jacqueline Grossman

Chief Marketing Officer

Josée Gagnon

VP & Chief Legal Officer

Marina Di Pancrazio

Chief Content Revenue

Patrick Rozon

VP of Juste pour rire


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