What’s a credit?

One credit = one guaranteed reservation for a show. Once you activate your pass, your credits will appear, like magic! Use these to reserve a seat at any of The 42 shows and any of the ComedyCON non-headliner shows.

I want to see two headliner shows. Can I buy two 1-headliner passes at the same time for different shows?

Nope, unfortunately that won’t work. Each person can only access ONE pass per user account. You can purchase more than one pass at a time, but you must transfer the additional passes to other people. But, if you want more comedy you can always add an additional headliner or credit to your pass! You can do so at a discounted price AFTER you have purchased and activated your pass.

*Please note this discount does not apply to the Scotiabank Arena Shows.

If I get a Classic Pass with 2 credits, can I reserve one spot for me and one for a friend?

Nope, unfortunately that won’t work. Each person must have their own pass if they want to see a show at JFL Toronto. You can only use your credits to reserve spots for yourself at any given show – no sharing credits between buddies, spouses, or family members.

I just purchased my pass but don’t know how to log in to my JFL TORONTO account!

Patience, young grasshopper! You should receive an activation email within a 24-48hrs of purchase with instructions on how to set up and register your pass.

PS: Please check your junk/spam folder as it may have snuck in there by mistake.

How long are the shows?

Most of The 42 shows and ComedyCON events run approx. 60 mins. This way, you can see multiple shows a night using your credits! Headliner shows are around 80 – 90 mins.

I pre-order my pass, where is it?

If you purchased your JFL Toronto pass before our launch on June 14th (thanks again for that btw!) you should have received an activation email with instructions on how to set up and register your pass.

If you haven’t received an email from Just For Laughs Toronto containing your activation link after the 16th, check your junk mail or email jfltoronto@hahaha.com.

Are these passes refundable?

Unfortunately, JFL Toronto passes and tickets are final sale and non-refundable. However, they are all completely transferable. If you find someone else who wants to go in your place, you can use Ticketmaster’s ticket transfer system to send them the passes so that they can attend the festival instead of you.

How does my pass work?

Just like you, every pass is unique. After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email confirming the purchase. Once you activate it, the pass will be yours and yours alone. Your credits will appear, and you can start reserving immediately.

Once you arrive at the show you reserved, pull up your reservation on the APP and have your barcode scanned at the door. Just like that — you’re in!

Don’t forget: when you get scanned into a show, you get your credit back, and can use it to reserve a spot at another show. Basically, your pass/smart phone is scanned at entry of each venue so make sure you take it with you wherever you go! (As if you don’t already take your phone everywhere!)

Is it mandatory to have a Facebook account?

No! BUT logging in through Facebook will give you the full interactive experience of the Festival.

Are all shows 19+?

Unfortunately, some of our venues are bars and are 19+, like Garrison and Rivoli for example. BUT all our other venues are teenage friendly if you have an adult accompanying you, which means you won’t be missing out on too many shows! Just know that some of the content is R-rated. So if you are a parent, please look into the act before you bring your kids. But you were going to do that anyway, right?

What is this ComedyCon thing?

ComedyCON is JFL’s daytime comedy convention, and it’s about to be your favorite new thing! ComedyCON offers exclusive access to see some of your favorite comedy stars up close and personal. It’s got In Conversation events, Q&A’s, Cast Panels, Live Podcasts and way more… all in an intimate venue. You have access to these shows with ANY of the JFL TORONTO passes. Just use your credit to secure your seat!

So Then Who/What/Where is The 42?

Beginning in 2012, our festival was originally called JFL42, and was made up of 42 individual events (stand-up shows, live podcasts, panels, and more – don't you remember?). Since then, the festival has evolved, and has way more than 42 events. What started as an offshoot of the Montreal festival, has grown into its own major festival, drawing in fans from all over the world. Specifically, The 42 refers to all of the artists who aren’t headliners or who aren’t solely doing a ComedyCON event. The name is a nod to all of the amazing acts that have made up the heart and soul of the festival since its inception in 2012. You can learn more about The 42 on our Artists page.

When can I start reserving shows?

Right now! Well… as soon as you activate your pass. Just log in to toronto.hahaha.com, and then find the shows you want to see and click on the ‘Reserve Now’ button.

Why aren’t the venues listed for some of the shows I want to see?

The venues are determined by how many people show interest in a particular act. Once we have enough responses from pass holders, we’ll be able to place them into an appropriate (awesome) venue at an appropriate (for stellar comedy, anytime is appropriate time) time.

What if the event is full?

This Festival is your chance to speak up. Never before has your voice counted for so much! If an event has reached capacity, you can “petition” to have a show added. When enough people band together and add the show to their ‘wish list’, we might just be able to add another show! Remember, be quick and reserve as soon as it’s been added!

What if I change my mind about a reservation, or can’t make it to a show anymore?

You can easily cancel a reservation up to 2 hours before a show. After that, you will no longer be able to cancel. To do so, log in and go to your profile to access your reserved shows, hit “cancel” on the appropriate showtime and your credit will be returned to your account.

Once that window of time is up, you've committed that credit. If you do not attend a show you’ve reserved, your credit will be lost permanently.

Is your festival Wheelchair accessible?

All of our venues are wheelchair accessible with the exception of Comedy Bar (both the main space and the cabaret), Yuk Yuk’s, Nothing Fancy and The Garrison. Some venues will require early arrival so as to better serve your needs, so it’s always best to call the venue ahead of time to make sure!

Can I loan my pass out to my cousin Bob for the night?

You cannot loan your pass out to your cousin Bob, or anyone else for that matter. Once you activate your JFL TORONTO pass, it becomes yours and yours alone — unique and individual, just like you! Your identity will be associated to the barcode on your pass. Barcodes will be scanned at each venue and ID will be checked. Serious stuff!

What if I only want to see 1 headliner?

Get any of the Headliner passes! Each one comes with credits that you can use to see the other hilarious acts and shows at a great value. You can also buy individual tickets for select Headliner shows online, if you insist.

Not interested in seeing a headliner?

You only want to check out the 42 acts? That’s cool, we get it. Our Classic Pass starts at only $69 and comes with 2 credits that you can use to see ‘the 42’ PLUS access to ComedyCON events too. Want to see more than two shows? How many times do we have to tell you? Check in to a show and get your credit back. Then you can use it to see another one of the 42! Limited quantity of these passes are available, so act fast.

I’m ready to buy a JFL TORONTO pass now, but I’m still confused on how to do it — help?

We’re always here to help! We love helping! You can always contact jfltoronto@hahaha.com.

What if I’m not into this whole pass business and just want a ticket to see a show?

All good! You can buy an individual ticket to see the headliner (or special event) of your choice. But remember… if you want the best value, a pass is the way to go.

Who do I contact about a press inquiry?

Have a not-so-FAQ?

Please email us at jfltoronto@hahaha.com