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Double Threat: Hassan Phills & Malik Elassal

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Hassan Phills

Hassan Phills is funny. A stand up comedian emerging from the cultural mosaic of Toronto, Canada - Hassan’s point of view is insightful, relatable, and self-aware. Born to Jamaican and Djiboutian parents in one of North America’s most populous cities, Hassan Phils conversational brand of humor is steeped in anecdotal stories of growing up as someone between worlds while being firmly rooted in himself. 

Traveling across 11 countries (and counting) has only furthered Hassan’s studies into the human condition - the various idiosyncrasies we have as people and the common experiences we share as we navigate family, faith, love, ambition, and life in general.

Having performed as a comic in the UK, Canada, and into the United States - Hassan Phills took a leap of faith in 2022 when he booked, promoted and produced his own tour, “That’s Crazy”, across Canada. A resounding success, part of the young comic’s formula in growing a dedicated and loyal audience has been that he is very intentional in choosing his stops and the environments he convenes his shows. Cultivating new spaces for people to enjoy a night out of comedy and community, Hassan is planting seeds everywhere he goes.

A man who welcomes collaboration, this DIY entrepreneur and entertainer is building a career with real legacy and staying power - and he's having a lot of fun doing it.  

Malik Elassal

Malik Elassal is an Lebanese-Canadian actor, writer, and comedian who uses his ability to connect with diverse audiences to find humor in the universal human experience as well as his own. In the past few years, Malik won Top Comic in his home city of Calgary, recorded sets for television at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival and CBC's New Wave of Standup, and performed the titular track of the Just For Laughs originals album ‘Yeehaw Hell Yeah’.

In 2022, he was named one of the New Faces at Just For Laughs in Montreal and is now returning to the festival in 2023 as part of prestigious "Just For The Culture" Show.

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