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It seems you want to learn a little about a DJ that goes by the name The Soul Proprietor…am I right? Well, The Soul Proprietor, or The Soul Pro as he is often called, is unlike any other DJ you’ve seen. You see, The Soul Pro stands behind his music with full confidence that you and yours will have a good time. When he’s doing his thing, he also happens to stand behind his vintage suitcase and you can expect to nod your head and move your feet. From pop to hip hop, oldies to new bangers, reggae to reggaeton and everything in between, you never know what’s coming up, but you can be sure that the sound moves effortlessly from one to the next. Half of the celebrated band Bedouin Soundclash, Eon Sinclair aka The Soul Proprietor has performed for various accredited bands on tour, at various nightclubs and bars across the world, for fundraisers, corporate events, private parties, and special nights across Canada and internationally. Clients include Spike Lee, Ford Canada, Taste Toronto, Toronto Festival of Beer, Fred Perry, International Design Show, Just For Laughs Toronto, and many other incredible nights of music and dancing. You can be sure that The Soul Proprietor will deliver the kind of energy, joy, and nostalgia that you and your attendees are looking for.

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